Monday, February 23, 2009

Our Pets/Babies

Sometimes Brian says that our house is a zoo, but the reality is that we couldn't live with out our babies.
He's our little devil, if he's not sleeping YOU AREN'T SLEEPING. He has a meow you could hear from a mile away and he's not shy about using it. To be honest he's kind of prissy. His attitude let's you KNOW that he is better than you. I will admit he's very smart. One of his hobbies is to sit and watch the water in the toilet to see when it will start moving again, we flush it once or twice so we can watch him freak out. Just recently he's figured out the button that makes it do it's magic and will tap the handle with his little paw, but he's just not strong enough. We're learning his language (what mean's he wants out, or if he's thirsty or wants wet food), and sometimes we think he's learning ours, but then he doesn't just a few minutes later.
The delicate little flower. She is very dainty and feminine. She also is a little slow. She slobbers a lot and is no stranger to falling off of the counter. The thing we love most about lilly is that, plain and simple, she's very loving and sweet. She loves to be outside hunting and exploring (we found her in the field one day following us on a walk), and will come in and sleep on her bed (or her mom) all day if she can.
Our first dog. We got Abbi from the shelter in Rock Springs when she was about 9 weeks old. She is a Black Lab/ Pitbull mix. When we went to the shelter I told Brian that i WOULD NOT get a pitbull, but i saw Abbi and I knew we couldn't live without her. She had very floppy ears and puppy eyes that still wont quit. She loves running and chasing Brian on his dirt bike up hill, but she's a big girl and sometimes it's hard for her to get all the way up the hill. If there's a stick or ball within 10 miles it's automatically hers, and she will chase it wherever it goes. Unfortunatly her favorite treats are wood and balls, so it's hard to keep any of her favorite toys very long. She is the baby of the family, she has selective hearing, and when it's time to cuddle IT'S TIME TO CUDDLE (mom being on the treadmill is no excuse).
We got Huck from the shelter in Jackson Hole. He's our little wiggle butt. Always up for a love or a cuddle, well always up for anything I guess. He's full of energy, a night owl and also very excited when it's time to get up in the morning. When Abbi and Huck escape he's the brains and Abbi's the muscles. When we first got him we thought Huck Finn was a cute name (that's what his former family names him) and we've called him that since, but recently we decided that Pete is a more fitting name since he's white trash!

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